Middleton Park Duathlon Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the Middleton Park Duathlon on Saturday 28th January 2017. Race results are below.

Kid’s Race Results

 Position Number Name Time
1 8 Theo Jacques 30:57
2 3 Luke Rough 31:22
3 17 Max Metcalfe 33:29
4 18 Phoebe Taylor 34:20
5 7 Matilda Jacques 34:49
6 2 George Higgins 35:48
7 1 Elissa Kite 36:01
8 16 Tom Metcalfe 36:17
9 9 Angus Taylor 36:24
10 10 Theon Hercules 36:42
11 12 Atlanta Hercules 36:44
12 6 Sophia Millner 37:37
13 11 Harrison Delaia 37:50
14 15 Harry Wainwright 38:03
15 13 Breana Hercules 38:04
16 5 Rosa McAnulla 38:41
17 14 Olivia Lord 39:28
4   Mason Green DNF

Adult’s Race Results

 Position Number Name Time
1 3 Michael Kershaw 30:57
2 5 Martin Brook 31:22
3 4 Steven Lawson 33:29
4 19 Simon Boardman 34:20
5 17 Michael Melia 34:49
6 23 Tim Driver 35:48
7 40 Paul Bennet 36:01
8 13 Laura Watson 36:17
9 1 William McGawley 36:24
10 22 Matt Wilkinson 36:42
11 27 Dan Harrison 36:44
12 26 Haden Harrison 37:37
13 25 Mathew Higgins 37:50
14 14 John Gallager 38:03
15 29 Laura Fitzgerald 38:04
16 21 Jonathan Kite 38:41
17 15 Jacob Thompson 39:28
18 18 Karen Boardman 39:47
19 38 Sarah Jacques 39:54
20 20 Lyn Metcalfe 40:31
21 16 Emma Young 40:32
22 35 Graham Hordon 41:10
23 12 Colin Rendar 42:47
24 34 Joanne Hordon 42:50
25 43 Paul Hollings 42:51
26 11 Raplh McDermott 43:03
27 2 David Ianson 43:10
28 32 Libby Clark 43:19
29 33 Ben Clark 43:19
30 8 Andrew Fallows 47:17
31 41 Fiona Taylor 48:46
32 39 Gavin Hurcules 48:47
33 10 Suzana Wattons 49:00
34 37 Hanna Hurcules 49:35
35 9 Shella Hopkinson 49:52
36 28 Rachel Brighton 50:25
37 30 Shivon Tera 50:51
38 6 Linda Carey 51:04
39 31 Lucy Lord 51:53
40 24 Robert Demainme 54:42
41 7 Lindsey Fallows 55:23
42 42 Foluke Agbede 57:57
43 36 Holly Wainwright 59:57

Middleton Park Duathlon Results

Provisional results from the Middleton Park Duathlon event on 8th October 2016 –

Find a full list of results on the Go Tri website.

Position Bib Number Name Time
1 11 Carl Hearn 33.18
2 20 James Nundy 33.34
3 25 Paul Bennet 34.05
4 4 Michael Melia 34.21
5 15 Mark Hayes 35.01
6 6 Mathew Higgins 36.01
7 27 Daniel Wright 36.32
8 3 Rachel Feather 38.03
9 7 Hayden Harrison 38.45
10 12 Steve Beckwith 38.51
11 1 Stacey Kite 38.57
12 13 Graham Hawden 39.08
13 14 Joanne Hawden 39.40
14 10 Jacob Thompson 40.03
15 26 Diane Hubber 40.25
16 5 Claire Higgins 40.55
17 19 Colin Render 43.32
18 17 Jon Osborne 43.32
19 16 Liz Pearce 43.33
20 22 Frank Wright 43.59
21 28 Hannah Roberts 45.26
22 21 Harriet Whiting 46.50
23 2 Tina Craddock 48.27
24 9 Lena Abe 52.11
25 18 Viv Smales 52.15
26 23 Laura Smales 52.15
27 8 Julie Abe 57.33
28 26 Diane Huber 57.38

Leeds Let’s Get Active in the Park has arrived this summer!

Leeds Let’s Get Active in the Park

Get ready to get active this summer in Leeds! Summer 2016 sees the launch of Leeds Let’s Get Active in the Park, expanding the already hugely popular Leeds Let’s Get Active programme. Since it began in September 2013, the Leeds Let’s Get Active project has provided thousands of people right across Leeds the opportunity to access free gym and swim sessions in the Council’s leisure centres. In order to continue to build on the success of the past three years, the project is growing to include free activity across three parks this summer. Armley, East End and Middleton parks will play host to a variety of different activities, including: rounders, tennis, running, multi-sport, cycling, table tennis, orienteering and more!

The Parks

As part of the Leeds Let’s Get Active in the Park programme, there has been investment into some of the facilities in each of the parks. All three have had a permanent, brand new stainless steel table tennis table installed while the tennis courts have also seen refurbishment by way of new nets and re-lining. Added to the excellent existing facilities such as playgrounds and bowling greens and topped off by the huge areas of green space available to use – these new additions have made these parks the place to get active this summer!

So how do I get involved?

It’s simple! Firstly check out the weekly timetables to decide which of the activities you would like to have a go at. You can find these in the Leeds Let’s Get Active section of the Active Leeds website or by following this link:


There’s no limit to how many sessions you attend so you can give everything a try if you wish (And did I already mention….it’s completely FREE!).  Once you’ve decided what you fancy trying out, just turn up to the session ready to go! There’s no need to book in advance, come wearing comfortable clothing/trainers and bring along a drink of water as well.

For more information about Leeds Gets Active in the Park please contact: Rich.Sadler@yorkshiresport.org

HSBC Golf Roots (Friday Night Project)

Young people from the Friday Night Project at Middleton Leisure Centre were invited to take part in a series of Tri Golf sessions.  These sessions were part of the HSBC Golf Roots project that has been running within the Inner South Locality in Leeds since October. Forty young people have engaged with the project since it began.

A number of skills challenges took place including nearest the pin, street golf challenges and a putting competition. Young people were given information about local golf opportunities and more information about the HSBC Golf Roots sessions in Leeds.


Neil Jones Active Sports Officer commented; “We saw some real raw talent tonight and the young people really enjoyed and engaged in the sessions that we put on, a real competitive session was enjoyed by all. We have some fantastic opportunities for young people to participate in golf locally and welcome a chance like this to share our passion for sports with local young people”

For more information about the HSBC Golf Roots scheme funded by the Golf Foundation please contact

Neil Jones

Active Sports Officer

Leeds City Council

Tel – 0113 395 0186

Email – neil.jones@leeds.gov.uk

Middleton Park Family Sports Day 2014

The attendance and weather didn’t disappoint as the local residents turned out on mass with over 400 taking part in activities. Now into the third year the event allowed the opportunity for visitors to try different sports and chat to local sporting groups on what is on offer for them.

The day started with a welcoming from the organisers followed by a coaching session from the Hunslet Hawks Rugby League Club, residents of all ages joined in with the final touch rugby game. The club mascot Harry the Hawks gave out free tickets to the next home game. Rounders was the next group activity and many passing park visitors joined in, two teams of all standards played in a very enjoyable and popular activity.


Other sporting activities that were ongoing proved popular which included a Rowing and Bike challenge run by the Leeds City Council Bodyline team. England Netball had a coach on the day that encouraged young people, and not so young, to try the sport. Short tennis was well attended and the courts were busy all day, no doubt getting ready for the start of Wimbledon.

The Leeds Diving club carried out testing on the strength of the young people and gave them the opportunity to attend a coaching session at the John Charles Centre for Sport Aquatics Centre. As part of a Tour De France theme a BMX bike course that The Works generously brought to the park. A wooden ramp trail was set up amongst the trees and young and old tested their skills in completing the route, with various outcomes.


From the success from the first family sports day a female running group has been formed, South Leeds Sisters, who are based at John Charles Centre for Sport and organise regular runs. The group managed the final event of the day which was the fun run. Started by local councillor Paul Truswell the park visitors and sports coaches all joined in. The running group offered refreshments and presentations were made after the run.

Friends of Middleton Park opened the community centre and offered refreshments to all the park visitors, which was well received. The event was supported by Leeds City Council both in funding and concept, As a community project funding was also received by the Community Games fund coordinated by West Yorkshire Sport. Thanks to all involved to make it such a successful community day.

As with the previous years the locals residents were keen to have another family sports day next year and suggested other sports including traditional games such as egg and spoon, sack race and tug of war, certainly worth considering. Contact details have also been sent to local sporting groups

For further information on all the sport and community groups please contact:
sport.development@leeds.gov.uk or phone 0113 3950001

To see more of the day head to the Touch Rugby Leeds Facebook page