Armley Leisure Centre Junior Triathlon Results 2016

Race number Start time Name Distance Swim+




run Overall time Overall position
4 3.00.10 Elissa Kite Aquathlon 1.37 5.11 6.48 1st
3 3.00.00 Oliver Hill Aquathlon 2.23 4.54 7.17 2nd
1 3.00.00 Charlie Barber Aquathlon 3.53 5.35 9.28 3rd
12 3.30.20 Ava johansson Aquathlon 4.20 6.32 10.52 4
19 3.30.20 Ginika Ene Short 1.40 4.19 3.59 9.58 1st
16 3.30.10 Karol Pazera Short 2.51 3.20 5.33 11.44 2nd
6 3.10.00 Zak Moxon Short 2.09 4.57 4.39 11.45 3rd
14 3.30.00 Olivia Springer Short 2.50 4.37 6.59 14.26 4
7 3.10.00 Sophie Whitehead Short 2.09 5.38 7.11 14.58 5
5 3.10.00 Amelia Barber Short 2.09 5.26 7.25 15.00 6
17 3.30.10 Evie Martin Short 2.30 5.56 6.38 15.04 7
18 3.30.10 Felicity Malone Short 5.21 4.21 5.53 15.35 8
8 3.10.10 Sophie Martin Short 2.01 6.29 7.16 15.46 9
11 3.30.20 Pia Johansson Short 3.36 4.37 7.55 16.08 10
9 3.10.10 James bromley Short 4.08 6.06 7.38 17.52 11
10 3.10.10 Alfred Kemp Short 2.46 7.02 8.05 17.53 12
15 3.30.00 Ebonnie-Rose Scarfe Short 4.20 6.02 7.54 18.16 13
13 3.30.00 Poppy malone Short 5.51 5.44 6.42 18.17 14
42 4.30.20 Isobelle  haigh-jones Short 3.20 6.48 8.26 18.34 15
21 3.50.00 Joanna Bingham Middle 4.25 5.19 6.34 16.18 1st
27 3.50.20 Joseph Zanzottena Middle 5.16 4.47 7.22 17.25 2nd
24 3.50.10 Charlotte Bingham Middle 5.05 5.53 7.04 18.02 3rd
34 4.10.20 Jack Batley Middle 5.29 6.19 6.26 18.14 4
25 3.50.10 Domonic Vila Middle 5.40 4.59 8.10 18.49 5
22 3.50.00 Mae Johnstone Middle 5.50 5.32 9.24 20.46 6
41 4.30.10 Patrick Arnold Middle 7.51 5.49 7.32 21.12 7
40 4.30.10 Miller Howard Middle 9.20 4.46 7.06 21.12 8
20 3.50.00 Violet Kemp Middle 6.37 6.02 8.53 21.32 9
43 4.30.20 Matilda Bushell Middle 5.47 5.28 10.42 21.57 10
37 4.30.00 Stephen Hurd Middle 7.18 6.51 8.19 22.28 11
31 4.10.10 Katie Cooper Middle 7.30 6.04 9.54 23.28 12
29 4.10.00 Mellissa Bushell Middle 5.05 5.20 13.06 23.31 13
38 4.30.00 Cody Naylor Middle 7.00 5.15 11.45 24.00 14
32 4.10.10 Evie Stewart- Pullan Middle 8.05 5.30 11.08 24.43 15
23 3.50.10 Amy Thornton Middle 7.05 6.51 10.55 24.51 16
35 4.10.20 Mia Hitchen Middle 7.11 7.58 9.43 24.52 17
33 4.10.10 Dominic Corbett Middle 7.46 6.58 15.02 29.46 18
26 3.50.20 Lilly- Anne Jack Middle 7.36 6.30 dnf —- —-
39 4.30.10 Matty Joe Wilson Middle 5.29 dnf 8.42 —- —-
36 4.30.00 Andrew Hurd Middle 18.49 dnf 9.52 —- —-
49 4.50.10 Harris Kaliq Long 5.50 7.32 12.49 26.11 1st
46 4.50.00 Ben Hill Long 9.25 7.21 10.03 26.49 2nd
47 4.50.10 Holly McCallum Long 9.39 10.23 11.44 31.46 3rd
48 4.50.10 Alexander McCallum Long 11.40 7.38 12.30 31.48  4
44 4.50.00 Annabelle Jackson Long 9.00 10.03 14.51 33.54  5
51 4.50.20 Ben Moxon Long 11.10 7.48 20.49 39.47  6
45 4.50.00 Eva Stacey Long 10.00 10.56 19.30 40.26  7
50 4.50.20 Ethan Haigh-jones Long 17.40 9.03 14.09 40.52  8


Leeds Disability Sport News – September 2016

After a fantastic month of disability sport see below for some highlights and forthcoming events in Leeds and beyond:

In Leeds

  • Many congratulations to all the Leeds and Yorkshire Paralympic athletes who competed in Rio 2016. Celebrate what was a truly spectacular and memorable Olympic and Paralympic Games at the Yorkshire Athletes Homecoming Parade on Wednesday 28th September, from 5.15pm in Leeds City Centre.




  • BID Services New Youth Club has just started, suitable for deaf and hard of hearing children and young people aged 8-18 years plus siblings. Held every Thursday from 6pm to 8pm this takes place at the First Floor Venue, St. Peter’s Square in Leeds. For further information contact:


  • Visually Impaired Bowls Sessions will begin at the John Charles Centre indoor bowls centre from the 4th JCCS are working with Pennine Bowling Club to run these sessions every Tuesday from 12 noon until 2.00pm, with an introductory price of £3.20. For further information please telephone John Palmer on 01422 321771.


  • Wheelpower Feel Inspired Primary Sports Camp is taking place at the John Charles Centre for Sport on Tuesday 11th This is a great way for children aged 6-11 with a disability to discover sport in a friendly and completely inclusive environment. For more information contact the Feel Inspired Event Officer on: or 07922 736196.




  • Leeds Disability Sports Camp will next be taking place on the week beginning 24th October, during half term. There will be four venues across the city alongside a free additional adapted cycling event at Middleton Park Bike Hub. These camps are open to disabled children and young people aged 8-18 plus non-disabled siblings and friends.


  • Learning Disability Tennis Camp is taking place at the John Charles Centre for Sport indoor tennis centre on Saturday 12th Run in conjunction with the Tennis Foundation, this is suitable for beginners/those new to sport or looking to develop their skills. The one day camp is being led by experienced tennis coaches from JCCS.

Outside Leeds

  • RYA Sailability would like disabled sailors or boaters to complete their new questionnaire. They would like to hear from people about what attracted them to sailing in the first place, whether a friend, family or by chance, and how easy and accessible they found it to get started. The aim is to try and fully understand more about people’s experiences and perceptions about sailing as an activity for people with a disability, and is open until the 1st October.


  • Disability Football Development Officer vacancy is currently being advertised through the West Riding County FA. As well as supporting the delivery of the National Game Strategy in West Riding and specifically the Disability Workforce Plan, this is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a vibrant, enthusiastic and committed team at the County FA. Closing date is Wednesday 12th


If the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games have inspired you to take up a sport or become a little bit more active, check out all the regular disability sport opportunities available in the city with the comprehensive Leeds Disability Sport Programme.

Leeds Disability Sport News – August 2016

As an exciting summer of sport continues with the start of the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games less than two weeks away, please see below for the latest local disability sport news:

In Leeds

  • Leeds 2 Rio- Disability Sport Day is taking place on Saturday 10th September on Millennium Square. Come along to try out a range of Paralympic sports for free and watch live big screen Paralympic Games action! If you can’t make it there is also an opportunity to try disability sports from Monday 12th to Friday 16th September from 5pm to 7pm again on Millennium Square.
  • Walk, Guide, Run gives a real life experience of guide running in Leeds and how you can get involved too.
  • Leeds Disability Sport Forum is next taking place on Monday 26th September at the John Charles Centre for Sport. To attend or for further information about the forum please contact me on:
  • Carers Leeds Bat & Chat sessions are taking place every Friday from 11am to 1pm at Carers Leeds. Table tennis can be enjoyed by individuals of any age; it is a low impact exercise and good for fitness. Recreational games take place, which provide the opportunity to meet new people for some banter and rallies. No skill or previous experience necessary. Bat and Chat is open to carers and the person they care for, and also takes place across 16 other community settings in the city.


Outside Leeds

  • National Blind and Visually Impaired Tennis Championships are being held once again at the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton from Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 October.  Players must have competed in a minimum of one regional tournament in 2016 in order to enter (wild cards may be issued at the tournament organiser’s discretion). The National Visually Impaired Tennis Awards have also been launched. The awards are a way of celebrating the game of VI tennis for those who are blind or partially sighted and the people who help drive this game forward – volunteers, coaches and contributors to the game.
  • Push2Podium is the new drive from the Tennis Foundation to discover the future stars of wheelchair tennis and get more people playing the game.


Finally, we wish all the Great Britain Paralympic athletes (especially those from Leeds and Yorkshire) the best of luck in the Paralympic Games which begin on Wednesday 7th September in Rio!

Rothwell Go Tri & Junior Races

Leeds City Council, Run Leeds and British Triathlon partnered up to deliver a fantastic Triathlon event in Rothwell…

Now in its second year the Rothwell Triathlon proved an overwhelming success with the sun shining and smiles on the faces of many young people and adults taking part in Triathlon, for the very first time . Having experienced the elite racers with the likes of the Brownlee Brothers (Leeds) and Jessica Learmonth (Leeds) all competing in the World Series in June around the streets of Leeds, it was a great chance to try the sport in a fun, safe, environment locally.

The event (Triathlon) funded in part by Leeds City Councils Community committee (Outer South) saw three quality races on the day split into three age categories-

  • 7 – 10 years – 50m Swim – 800m Cycle – 400m Run
  • 10 – 14 years – 100m Swim – 3k Cycle – 1k Run
  • 14 years plus and adults (GO – Tri) – 200m Swim – 5k Cycle – 3k Run

Impressive is an understatement for some of the performances on the day, with some real potential on show with guts and determination all round to get the course completed, on what turn out to be a very hot day in Leeds.  A special mention goes to Abigail Harvey who won both the small Triathlon and the Junior Triathlon (amazing stuff!). In the GO TRI event Rob O’brien broke the course record to finish in an impressive 31m 12secs which was made even more remarkable by the fact he had a mechanical issue on the bike course.

Ben Fraser from Run Leeds commented,

“The youngsters dedicated themselves to all 3 parts of the Triathlon and didn’t let up trying their best at any point. With the run being the last challenge there was always the risk of the runners tiring but the youngsters maintained the big smiles on their faces and powered through – it was great to see so much enjoyment was clearly had!”


Race results are below:

Small Triathlon

Position Name Time Age
1 Abigail Harvey 6m 21secs 9
2 George Harvey 7mins 32secs 8
3 Charlie Pettigrew 7mins 54secs 10
4 George Painter 8mins 08secs 9
5 Martha Marjoram 8m 10secs 8
6 Finlay McNamara 8m 12secs 8
7 Rowan Lunn 8m 13secs 8
8 Nick Fish 8m 45secs 8
9 Amy Painter 8m 50secs 9
10 Daisy McNamara 8m 52secs 10
11 Josh Turton 9m 16secs 9
12 Abigail Hickman 10m 1secs 8
13 Oliver Mooney 10m 44secs 9
14 Bronwen Mansfield 11m 03secs 8
15 George Kilner 11m 55secs 9
16 Eliza Marjoram 12m 41secs 8


Junior Triathlon

Position Name Time Age
1 Abigail Harvey 15m 05secs 9
2 Martha Marjoram 19m 58secs 8
3 Liam Wilson 20m 30secs 10
4 Blossom Tolhurst 20m 55secs 10
5 Morgan Farquharson 21m 21secs 10
6 Jamie Farquaharson 21m 23secs 9
7 George Kilner 23m 37 secs 10


Go Tri Race

Position Name Time Age
1 Rob Obrien 31m 12secs  
2 Richard Middleton 36m 32secs  
3 Robert Greaves 36m 39secs  
4 Colin Render 36m 56secs  
5 Bianca Mooney 38m 43secs  

As part of the Triathlon project we run a Satellite Triathlon training group that meets each and every Tuesday at Rothwell Leisure Centre at 3.30pm and incorporates a Run, Studio Cycle and Pool based swim.

We also run the GO TRI project which introduces adults 14 plus to Triathlon more details here –

Any enquiries about this blog should be directed to Neil Jones, Active Sports Officer – 0113 395 0186,

Leeds Disability Sport News – June 2016

Please see below for a round-up of the latest disability sport news in Leeds this month:

  • Leeds Spiders Wheelchair basketball club are seeking a head coach for the 2016-2017 season. The club are looking to recruit a voluntary head coach to provide high quality coaching for their sides playing in the Premier League, Division 3 North, Junior’s and Women’s League in the upcoming season. To apply for this role please send your CV and a covering letter outlining why you are suitable for this role to


  • Mixed Ability rugby presentation is taking place at Leeds Corinthians RFC, Middleton on Tuesday 12th July at 6.30pm. Run by IMAS, this will be of interest to rugby coaches interested in hearing from rugby players with learning disabilities talking about their experiences and encouraging coaches at mainstream clubs to start up new mixed ability teams.


  • Sportivate Round 12 funding is now available to apply for. Sportivate seeks to support and develop projects that will engage with and stimulate 11-25 year olds who don’t currently participate in sport or exercise. The deadline for submissions for this round is Friday 15th July.


  • Cash for Kids, the official charity of Radio Aire currently have grants available. Each year they support thousands of children from birth to 18 years old who are ill, disabled, underprivileged or who simply need extra care and guidance. They do this by providing grants to individual children, other children’s charities, community groups, schools and health organisations. Every penny raised locally stays local, supporting the neediest children across Leeds and West Yorkshire. The grant-round deadline is Friday 8th July.


  • People in Action Health and Wellbeing Programme for adults with learning disabilities has launched, called “Be Well”. This gives its members the opportunity to take part in physical activity including games and sports, as well as giving information about general health and wellbeing. The group runs on a Tuesday afternoon in Chapeltown, Leeds.



Leeds Disability Sports Camps – Summer 2016

Come along to our Disability Sports Camps this summer to take part in Paralympic and disability sports at our leisure centres, or try a range of outdoor activities at Leeds Sailing and Activity Centre – from canoeing and orienteering to caving and problem solving.

The summer camps are open to anyone aged 8 to 18 with any disability. Siblings and friends are welcome to attend too and parents/carers can provide support to the young person if necessary.

Full dates, times and details of the camps can be found the image below.

If you or a young person you know wish to take part in a Sports Camp please print off and complete the application form (below) and return to Ross Bibby – contact details below.

Disability Sport Camps Summer 16Disability Sport Camps Summer 16 form

Community Games 2016

Be inspired by this summer’s Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and bring your community together this year with a festival of sporting and cultural activities.

Community Games

We want to help communities across West Yorkshire organise their own celebratory Community Games events in 2016 and beyond. We have awards to support your idea for new events or improving regular ones where everyone has the opportunity to get active.

We also have an award this summer for Community Games events to deliver weekly sport sessions related to their Community Games events to bring the local community together, especially family activities.

Key Principles of the Community Games –

  • Led by a community
  • Sporting and cultural activity
  • Opening and/or a closing ceremony
  • Community Games Grant Scheme

Awards of up to £800 are available. For more information and to apply please visit