Uni Girls Can Post-Workout Nutrition Workshop

Here at Leeds Girls Can we are all about getting out and active. Such an important part of leading a healthy and balanced life is nutrition and post-exercise nutrition is absolutely key to seeing and feeling results. Today (Thursday 30th November) I attended a workshop run by Uni Girls Can who had teamed up with some of the ladies in the Food Science department at the University of Leeds. It was super interesting and helpful with lots of nifty tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your food.

Chloe, Maika, Diana and Yoana took us through the importance of nutrition after exercise for recovery and also general healthy eating. They had us take part in a fun quiz asking questions about what which foods we thought had more protein in (pumpkin seeds actually have more protein per 100g than chicken breast!?) and general ideas about nutrition that we might have.

They then did two demonstrations of a snack and a meal. The post-exercise snack was a simple smoothie, made with fruit, yoghurt and milk (vegan option provided too!) – this smoothie actually had 16g of protein in it – perfect for replenishing energy and aiding muscle recovery. The second demonstration was of how to make Quorn meatball vegetable pasta. What was really great about both the snack and the meal was that we were given lots of options for making it home – different pasta to use, different vegetable ideas, how to save money when buying fruit and vegetables. We discovered a red lentil pasta that exists which is a) delicious and b) has 20g of protein in per serving!

Throughout the whole workshop everybody was getting involved by asking lots of questions, chatting about the kind of food that they like to make, the sports everybody is involved with. It was such a great way to learn more about nutrition and try some tasty food (always a bonus!).

Thank you so much to the Chloe, Maika, Yoana and Diana for teaching us some delicious recipes and giving us some very valuable information about nutrition. Thank you to all the ladies that came along to the workshop! Hopefully, in the near future Leeds Girls Can ladies might be able to attend one of these interesting and fun workshops… watch this space!

Em x


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