Morley Apparatus Competition Results

A big well done to all gymnasts who took part in the Morley Apparatus Competition 2016. The competition had a high amount of entries, over 120, from 6 different clubs, namely; Ashton Gymnastics Club, Leeds Gymnastics Club, Morley Leisure Centre, Shine Gymnastics Club, Temple Newsam, Halton Gymnastics Club and the YMCA. Gymnasts chose to compete either 3 or 4 pieces of the Women’s apparatus and had to bravely perform their routine to judges and the audience. The competition also included a team event where the top 4 scores from each apparatus from each pre-nominated team contributed toward a team score.

Individual winners were Kate Forbes (Shine GC, set 1 u6) Isabel Smyth (Ashton GC, Set 1 u7), Kaitlin Pockett (Shine GC, set 1 u8), Anya Coates (Ashton GC, set 1 u10), Gracie Littlewood (Ashton GC, set 1 u12), Eva Hills (Leeds GC, set 2 u8), Paige Allen (Morley LC, set 2 u10), Ruby Caswell (Ashton GC, set 2 u12), Talia Barnett (YMCA, set 2 u14), Elisabeth Wood (Morley LC, set 3 u10), Ruby Blenkin (Morley LC, set 3 u12), Caitlin Curd (Ashton GC, set 3 u14), and Zoe Cunliffe (YMCA, set 3 u16). Team winners were Ashton GC set 1, Ashton GC set 2, Morley LC set 3.

All gymnasts did a fantastic job and a full list of results can be found below.

Morley Apr16 page1Morley Apr16 page2Morley Apr16 page3Morley Apr16 page4Morley Apr16 page5Morley Apr16 page6Morley Apr16 page7




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