Gymnastics Girls Floor & Vault Final 2016

Over 140 gymnasts aged between 7-15 years took part in this year’s floor and vault gymnastics competition, held at Morley Leisure Centre. The gymnasts attend a 1 hour class per week within the Leeds City Council Gymnastics Scheme at their local leisure centres, and had to qualify within the top 5 within their class to get a place in the finals. Gymnasts were representing Armley, Holt Park Active, Fearnville, Kippax, Kirkstall, Middleton, Morley, and Scott Hall leisure centres.

There were 3 competitions held throughout the day for the different age groups of 6/7 yrs, 8/9 yrs and 10-15 yrs. Gymnasts were required to perform a vault run and a floor routine to the judges as well as a large audience of parents and relatives. Although the majority of the gymnasts were nervous they all performed incredibly well under pressure, and the coaches and parents were very proud of them.

A full list of results can be found below. Individual winners were Harriet Smith from Kirstall (6/7 yrs), Gracie Green from Morley (8/9 yrs), and Emily Tate from Morley (10-15 yrs). Team winners were Kippax (6/7 yrs), Fearnville (8/9 yrs) and Kippax (10-15 yrs).

6-7 Years Results

8-9 Years Results

10-15 Years Results.jpg


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