André’s Story…

My name is André Kubas and, as of January 2015, I am 65 years young.

In 2009 I retired from work. My life plan was; to improve my Golf, and enjoy the additional leisure time with my wife and son.  After an extended period of ill health my wife died in 2011 my son has since gone on to University.

Weight Ahead

I initially joined the Weigh Ahead programme in November 2013. This was through an initiative through my GP practice to offer support to members who had a BMI over 30.  Some years previous I had lost a significant amount of weight with guidance from my GP, but later, I had lost some of the impetus.

I had always taken part in sport but was struggling with my weight and issues with my knee and lower back. The programme was an opportunity to improve my fitness and manage my ailments through weight control and a sensible fitness regime.

The theory sessions were useful to focus on the requirements of food management and diet. The circuit training was excellent. It was well tailored to the requirements of the mixed group, designed to work at several levels to suit the varied abilities of the individuals.  The fact the circuits were also available after the initial eight weeks was a major plus to maintain the focus after the formal part had been completed.

Helen delivered the “classroom” element. Carole and Cheryl led the circuit training and provided advice and encouragement. All were very professional and created an atmosphere that encouraged members to make good use of the time to maximise the benefits of the programme.

The advise, support and encouragement led me to explore further training opportunities. These included; Spin Class (probably a little too ambitious at the time); Bodyline (very good); Pilates (excellent); Yoga (shows up my lack of flexibility); Heart Watch (a great programme); Gentle Exercise Class (nor Gentle at all – but it is good).

Side effects were that I was able to get round the Golf Course easier, I play at Temple Newsam. Additionally, I was tempted to rekindle my footballing ambitions, 5-a-side, which I had previously “retired” from.  Whilst enjoyable, probable not my best idea.


Heart Watch

I would recommend this programme to anyone and everyone. Depending on the location, one is able mix circuit training with the Bodyline facilities.

Steve, Carole and Tzon have all helped me manage my issues and maximise my “potential”. Encouraging and providing advice to help maintain the enthusiasm to seek further improvements or maintain my wellbeing.

The nature of the classes means we are exercising within our peer group, which makes the whole experience more relevant and relaxed.

Whilst everybody running the sessions are excellent ambassadors for the programme, displaying professionalism, exceptional knowledge and understanding of the target audience, I would like to add a personal thank you to Carole. Her patience, support and advice have really helped me maintain the motivation to make the progress I feel I have achieved and hope to maintain.

André Kubas


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