Moor Allerton Library PING! Event

As part of our events programme this summer, PING! Leeds hosted a table tennis event at Moor Allerton library. The library has been a PING! table host for two years and their table has been a huge hit, proving to be very popular with customers of all ages. To build on this success the library staff teamed up with PING! Leeds to deliver ‘Book Pong’ during the school summer holidays.

The event was linked with the ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ which seeks to encourage primary school aged children to read more. Hosting the event at the library was a great way to persuade children to make the first step through the door while also helping them to be active through playing table tennis. ‘Book Pong’ was promoted in the library and throughout the local primary schools.

When the day of the event arrived over 50 people attended. There was a variety of different table tennis games and activities delivered to keep everyone entertained along with some great giveaways and prizes to be won. The activity was delivered by newly qualified local club coaches which provided them with great experience and helped to strengthen the links between PING! and ‘play on’ opportunities in the city. Shah, the Leeds men’s table tennis champion was also invited to the event to showcase his skills and really promote table tennis! What appeared to be particularly successful was the novelty factor of having a table tennis table located in a place where you would not expect to see one. The table provided added appeal to the library.

This event typified many other PING! events that have been held across Leeds this summer. ‘Book Pong’ created a real buzz and excitement among the participants who didn’t want to stop playing. There was a real sense of enjoyment from those who came and such as the success of the event that Moor Allerton Library are already in the process of teaming up with PING! Leeds again to deliver more events in the future.


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