Pop Up Sports is back!

Following the success of the Pop Up Sports concept delivered in South Leeds; the Sport and Active Lifestyles Team have been awarded further funding to offer more Pop Up events from Inner and Outer South Community Committee through the Young Persons Activity fund in 2015 -2016.

The scheme was launched in October 2014 and has seen over 800 young people aged 8 – 21 years involved in the programme. The Pop Up Sports project delivers high quality sports coaching and mentoring in a community setting, making use of local assets such as Parks, Libraries, Housing Estates, Multi Use Games areas, and private sector buildings like Trinity Leeds.  The concept provides participation opportunities for young people aged 8 – 18 years and volunteering in the community roles for young people 18 plus. There has been a rapid growth in both attendance and popularity, this has been accredited to the strong partnerships which have been created with a diverse range of organisations and the quality of the sports delivered.

One of this year’s highlights was the take- over event’s at Trinity Leeds in which Leeds City Council staff and partners created a Pop Up Club which saw competitions, give-aways and tennis, sprints and line out’s being laid down.


We have ambitions to make the summer period as vibrant and varied as possible with the introduction of Pop Up golf, rugby and cycling, to the already exciting programme. A full summer timetable of Pop Up Sports sessions will be available in June and is set to be a scorcher of a summer.

For more information about Pop Up Sports please contact

Neil Jones
Active Sports Officer
Leeds City Council
Tel – 0113 395 0186


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