School Tennis Festival

On Wednesday 11 February John Charles Centre for Sport will be hosting a Schools Tennis Festival in partnership with the Breeze Sports Academy with an expected 250 attendances.

The Breeze Sports Academy project enables individuals with relevant skills, knowledge and confidence to prepare themselves for further education or employment. On the day participants can expect fun and exciting tennis sessions, learning new skills and putting them into practice.

All sessions will be led by Breeze Academy students under the watchful gaze of John Charles Centre’s Head Tennis Coach, Dwight Brown. Participants who complete the session will receive a voucher enabling them to return to John Charles Centre for Sport during the February half term for a discounted price at the tennis holiday camp.

For more information contact –

Dwight Brown

Head Tennis Coach

JCCS Tennis Centre

Tel: 0113 3951444 (Desk)

Tel: 0113 3950010 (Reception)

Mob: 07891 270605

Tennis JCCS Leeds (Facebook)

@JCCStennis (Twitter)


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