Touch Rugby Leeds

Another awesome night of game with some outstanding efforts from teams.

Week 6 games started with the Angry Owls continuing their impressive form with a victory over the Turn Up & Play B team.

The following game saw the current champions Peanut Slabs drop points against an ever improving Heart Breakers, at full strength a difficult team to control.

Belle Isle Warriors are always a threat and are quietly gaining positive results with a clinical win over the Turn Up & Play A side.

The last match of the night and the highlighted “game of the week” saw Leeds Bar and Well Oiled Flanges swapping the lead until the sides eventually ended up sharing the honours.

“Question for the week”

What has Gaelic Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tag Rugby and Volleyball have in common?


The three new Touch recruits all play the sports and their coordination, speed and game awareness is outstanding………well done to Niamh, Caileen and Aoife.

Wk. 6 Results:

  1. Angry Owls 8  v  Turn Up & Play B 0
  2. Heart Breakers 5  v  Peanut Slabs 2
  3. Turn UP & Play A 2  v  Belle Isle Warriors 16
  4. Leeds Bar 3  v  Well Oiled Flanges 3

Player of the week:

Niamh Davern,(Turn Up & Play A)

1st touch of the ball Niamh scored then she added another in the 2nd half.

Wk. 7 Fixtures:

  1. Belle Isle Warriors  v  Leeds Bar
  2. Peanut Slabs  v  Turn Up & Play B
  3. Well Oiled Flanges  v  Angry Owls
  4. Heart Breakers  v  Turn up & Play A

Game of the week:

Well Oiled Flanges  v  Angry Owls


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