Diversionary projects in Harehills over the Bonfire season

On the evenings of 4th and 5th November 2014 CATCH (Community Action to Change Harehills) and partners, including West Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Fire Service, Sport and Active Lifestyles, Hovingham Primary School and Leeds City Council Area Support Team successfully engaged over 180 young people of Harehills into positive diversionary activities at a time that has traditionally seen an increase in anti-social behaviour.

The activities included a hugely popular 5 aside football tournament, music from a local DJ, pool, table tennis, FIFA tournaments and refreshments. All the activities took place at The Hub located on Hovingham Avenue in Harehills and was generously funded by the Inner East Community Committee.

It was inspiring to see the cohesion between the young people from very diverse communities and backgrounds coming together under the banner of sport and music having such a good time. The event was filmed by the new ‘Made in Leeds’ TV channel and will be aired as part of their launch.

It was also rewarding for agencies working together with the common goal of keeping the young people safe from harm and off the streets. It was amazing to see such a great turnout of young people.

A massive thank you to all the staff and volunteers who made this event successful and not forgetting HSS Hire for supplying the flood lights.

Everyone agreed this is the start of something bigger for the future!!

For more photos from the event, please visit: http://www.facebook.com/TheHubHarehills

For further information on Active Sport opportunities in East North East Leeds please contact Jason on the below details:

E-mail: jason.minott@leeds.gov.uk
Tel: 0113 378 1990


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