Touch Rugby and Delete Blood Cancer UK BBQ

What a great night of fun was had by all at the Family BBQ & DBC UK Recruitment Night. Not only was there some interesting results with the Touch games which changed the league tables the children of the players were entertained by the LCC community coach Tzon with fun games with spot prizes and yes lollies. The BBQ was welcomed after the games by players and the children certainly were well fed with the hotdogs.

The serious part of the night was the DeleteBloodCancer UK  donor recruitment  where over 70 players and supporters were registered for the fantastic charity. Included with registration was the swabbing to identify the donor’s blood type and some of the first to attend were the Kiwi Rugby League players Ali  Lauitiiti, Weller Hauraki and Willy Poching. The local female running group, South Leeds Sisters call in after their road run and gave their support. The majority of the teams attended the donor recruitment however some were unable to stop after their games so the charity is hoping to run a mini recruitment during the Touch finals’ night on the 1st September to enable all to be involved. Fundraising was conducted on the night with a raffle and baking of brownies and a giant cake in the colours of the charity by the amazing Lucie Darron.

The results from the matches are below:

Competitive League.

  1. Opta Oracles 5  V  Heart Breakers 9
  2. Peanut Slabs 7  V  Belle Isle Warriors 2
  3. Well Oiled Flanges 14  V  Walla Walla Weasel Wackers 3
  4. Angry Owls 10  V  Bootroom Tigers 2

Social League.

  1. Hooters 4  V  Turn up & Play 8
  2. Leeds Bar 8  V  Stanley Window Lookers 6
  3. Odit Lions 8  V  Copyme 3

Fixtures, 18th August

Competitive League.

  1. Bootroom Tigers  V  Heart Breakers
  2. Angry Owls  V  Opta Oracles
  3. Peanut Slabs  V  Walla Walla Weasel Wackers
  4. Well Oiled Flanges  V  Belle Isle Warriors

Social League.

  1. Turn up & Play  V  Odit Lions
  2. Stanley Window Lookers  V  PwC
  3. Hooters  V  Turn up & Play
  4. Leeds Bar  V  Copyme

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