Weigh Ahead Programme Success

The Weigh Ahead programme has some success stories they’d to share with you. The programme gives support and advice for both diet and physical activity. 

Philip Holdsworth

Philip attended the Weigh Ahead programme aiming to lose weight in order to prepare for an operation on his back.  He had been in pain for some years and his consultant had advised him to lose some weight in order to help his back condition, and also to prepare him for surgery.  Philip was extremely committed to the programme, attending all exercise and dietician sessions with 100% effort.

At the end of the programme, Philip had lost close to one stone, and after completing the Moving On programme, continued to improve his fitness and lose more weight.  Weight loss to date stands at 1.5 stones. 

As a result Philip says  “ I feel much fitter and has less back pain, and my back surgery has been postponed for the time being.  I have really enjoyed both weight management programmes and have felt fully supported by the staff who have helped me in achieving my goals.”

Philip continues to attend maintenance exercise classes once a week, as well as exercising in the gym and swimming pool 1-2 times a week. 

Raymond Codd shares his experience of the programme:

I was referred by my GP to the 6 weeks Weigh Ahead class at John Charles centre.  I found this programme very beneficial for my Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  My breathing improved a considerable amount and also helped to improve my vascular problems enabling me to walk further without stopping.  I did not manage to lose weight, however, my fitness levels improved greatly and I managed to not put any weight on.

After the 6 week course, I moved onto a 12 week course called Moving On.  This course in the gym also further improved my COPD and my breathing.  My vascular problems have also continued to improve.

The instructors were really helpful and friendly and I intend to continue with their advice attending the gym.

I would strongly recommend both programs to people with similar health complaints.

It is important when considering weight loss to get advice on diet along with physical activity.  Moving On is a natural follow-on to Weigh Ahead and is fully explained to people during the Weigh Ahead programme.  For more information on Weigh Ahead please telephone 0113 843 2395.


2 thoughts on “Weigh Ahead Programme Success

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