#Trainlikeachamp – Cycling

There is a lot more to cycling than riding a bike and there are many ways to improve how you perform on the road at your local leisure centre.

Cycling is predominately an endurance sport, placing a significant overload on the body’s cardiovascular system and lower body muscles. However, the upper body is left almost completely static and the resistance placed on the legs is only concentric in nature.

Bodyline has a number of classes that could improve your cycling performance and add variation to your workouts.

PILATES – Pilates will improve flexibility and help overcome some of the negative aspects of cycling, such as shortening of the hamstrings and back problems.

Other benefits of Pilates are to improve a rider’s balance, core stability and help with recovery, enabling lengthened muscles to perform again sooner.

CORE CLASSES – Core stability can improve a cyclist’s power output by stabilising the base the working muscles are pushing against. Core classes will also strengthen the body’s ‘chasis’, helping to prevent injury in the event of a fall.

Circuits at Aquatics (5)

CIRCUIT TRAINING/METAFIT – Both activities will significantly stresses the body’s cardiovascular system and improves muscular strength and endurance. Metafit will specifically condition the body to deliver and recover from very high levels of effort, such as when climbing steep gradients or sprinting.

STUDIO CYCLING – Cycling can be a solitary activity, however, studio cycling can give the user the added motivation of group training with all ability levels catered for. A user could complete a studio cycling session as well as one of the supplementary training activities in a Bodyline gym or fitness class.

Using a fixed gear has often been used as a tool to improve pedalling technique, but using a fixed gear bike on the road can be difficult and limiting.

Studio cycling bikes can give you all the benefits of riding a fixed gear on the road which include:

–          Working at RPM’s much higher than you normally would.

–          Using higher resistance for longer.

–          No freewheeling at all, you will be pedalling for the whole session.

–          Work at intensity levels that can be difficult to achieve when concentrating on road conditions, traffic, etc.

–          A coach who will encourage you to work as hard as you can.

You can now book our fitness classes online up to nine days in advance. Why not book on today and make the most of what is available at your local centres. 


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