Le Grand Depart Thumbs Up

An enthusiastic group with learning difficulties, harnessed pedal power to cycle round John Charles Sport Centre track in Leeds covering the distance of the first leg of Le Grand Depart.

With a massive 190 km to cover they set themselves a time limit of five hours to complete the 475 laps needed to hit the target using specially adapted bikes.

ubu organised the challenge and monitored progress as the enthusiastic cyclists tore round the track on their own or with support.

All the people they support are encouraged to keep fit and stay healthy. A great way to celebrate the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire, remind the people we serve that exercise is not hard work and can be fun!

The range of different bikes is so diverse that everyone, even those confined to wheelchairs had the chance to complete some circuits of the track as they chased their target of 475 laps. It has brought out the competitive spirit in everyone and no one wanted to miss the target.

The people ubu serve are able to go down to the sports centre regularly for a variety of sports and some of their regulars suggested having a Tour special event. The team was fortified with home made snacks from supporters and healthy soft drinks as they hurled round the tack under the watchful eye of Enablers and qualified sports coaches.


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