#Trainlikeachamp – Football

It isn’t just on the football field where top professionals are able to improve their game, as the extra hours in the gym after training becoming increasingly important. 

Modern footballers are required to push themselves to the limit; ensuring that they have the ability to continually sprint at high speed after short rest periods, rapidly change direction, and have balance and good strength to fend off opposing players.To vary your workouts and reap the benefits of cross training, Bodyline have classes available for you to reach your own fitness goals by training like the professionals. 


SYNRGY – This involves performing multiple exercises that challenge the whole body simultaneously, helping to develop muscular strength while increasing cardiovascular efficiency.

METAFIT – High intensity interval training will replicate the stop start nature of football. This will also help improve the body’s ability to perform explosive multi directional movements, which will imitate the constant changes of direction whilst at pace.

SUSPENSION TRAINING – Having the ability to stop suddenly, control movement and hold off opposing players requires a great deal of functional core strength. Suspension training will build a strong functional core whilst maintaining total body strength.

YOGA/PILATES – With games coming thick and fast it is important that muscles are stretched and given time to recover before the next game. Flexibility in the muscles also helps to prevent injury.

GYM BASED EXERCISES – The introduction of the SYNRGY frame and larger functional areas allows instructors to prescribe exercises that challenge the body’s ability to perform fast short bursts of exercises while maintaining a strong core. Performing exercises like box jumps and weighted lateral hops will improve multi directional power. Kettle bell swings will increase total body strength and trigger key stabilising muscles.

If you fancy giving one of these classes a go, why not book online today? Fitness classes are also included in a Bodyline membership (excluding Gym & Swim Individual/Joint), so if you are a member, sign up to a session online today.


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