Leeds divers make diving competition squads

World Diving Cup, Shanghai, China 15 – 20th July  (GB National Senior Squad / Jamaca Nat. Team)

Alicia Blagg          Women’s Individulal 3m Springboard

Hannah Starling   Women’s Individual & Synchronised 3m Springboard

Rebecca Gallantree    Women’s Synchronised 3m Springboard

Jack Laugher               Men’s Individual & Synchronised 3m Springboard

Chris Mears                 Men’s Individual & Synchronised 3m Springboard

Yona Knight-Wisdom   Men’s 3m Individual Springboard (Representing Jamaica)

5 Leeds based divers making up a squad of 8 going to this event, plus one diver representing Jamaica.This, the highest priority event this year for British Diving will set the tone for future funding into 2016 and the Rio Olympic Games.


Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh, Scotland 30 – 2nd August (Team England / Team Jamaca)

Alicia Blagg                  Women’s 1m, 3m Individual & 3m Synchronised Springboard

Rebecca Gallantree     Women’s 1m, 3m Individual & 3m Synchronised Springboard

Hannah Starling           Women’s 1m & 3m Individual  Springboard

Jack Laugher               Men’s 1m(TBC), 3m Individual & 3m Synchronised Springboard

Chris Mears                 Men’s 1m Individual & 3m Synchronised Springboard

James Denny               Men’s 3m Individual Springboard & 10m Synchronised Platform

Matty Lee                     Mens 10m Individual (TBC) & Synchronised Platform

Yona Knight-Wisdom    Men’s 1m & 3m Individual Springboard (Representing Jamaca)

7 Leeds based divers make up a squad of 15 divers for England for this summer’s Commonwealth Games in Scotland. Yona will also again be in attendance for Jamaica.


Junior European Diving Championships, Bergamo, Italy 2-6th July (GB Junior National Team)

Lois Toulson                     Girls 14/15yrs Platform & Girls 14/18yrs 3m Synchronised Springboard

William Hallam                   Boys 14/15yrs 1m & 3m Springboard

Lydia Rosenthall               Girls 16/18yrs 1m & 3m Springboard

Sam Thornton                   Boys 16/18yrs 1m & 3m Springboard

4 of our young potential stars head off to Italy to impact into Europe with an international debut for William Hallam.

Bimbingamba Youth International, Rome, Italy July 2014 (England Junior National Team)

Emily Bearpark                  Girls 12/13yrs 1m, 3m Springboard & Platform events

Anthony Harding              Boys 14/15yrs 1m, 3m Springboard & Platform Events

A couple of rising stars in our ranks are introduced to international competition in Rome.  Both divers travel to Leeds for training from a considerable distance.  Emily from Darlington and Anthony from Oldham.

Up and coming…….

Two more major diving international events ahead of us this summer of which Leeds Divers are sure to be in action;

  1. European Diving Championships, Berlin , Germany 18-24th August
  2. Junior World Diving Championships, Penza, Russia 8-14th September

Well done to everyone!


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