Active Lifestyles train up new Walking for Health volunteers and staff

Leeds City Council Active Lifestyle Officers have recently delivered Walking for Health Walk Leader training for group volunteers and Leeds Let’s Get Active staff members.

Training took place on Friday 6th June 2014 for 16 new walk leaders, who are now trained to support and lead some of the many Walking for Health groups we have across Leeds.

The Walking for Health training covers all elements of leading walks, including the benefits of walking, getting to know the role of a walk leader, supporting the walk leaders to gain confidence to lead and plan a health walk, as well as looking at the necessary paperwork.

Walking is a great way to help support people towards leading an active lifestyle.  Walking for Health groups are free short, local led walks which anyone can turn up to and join in.    They are a great way for people to make new friends who will help keep each other motivated.

Karen Peck, Active Lifestyle Officer, said “it’s great to now have 16 new walk leaders trained for the city.  We have a broad Walking for Health programme within Leeds and it is always valued when volunteers give up their time to help people become and stay active”. 

“We’ve also trained new staff to support some our Leeds Let’s Get Active walking groups.  These walks help people to take the first step, and help people to increase their confidence, discover new walks in and around their neighbourhoods and meet new people.  We have seen some people really benefit from these Leeds Let’s Get Active groups already, with some setting up their own walking groups following these sessions by also accessing the Walking for Health training.”

For further information on future walk leader training please contact Karen Peck, Active Lifestyle Officer:


Tel: 0113 37 81985

For details about Walking for Health groups across Leeds visit

Further information about Leeds Let’s Get Active can be found at


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