Guest blog – Pam

Guest blog - Pam

My name is Pam Harrison. I joined the Weigh Ahead programme in 2013 because I had gained a lot of weight after a fall and the doctor said it might help. I was quite immobile and struggling to move about. I had already done the one to one with a dietician at my Doctors and the 8 week Pain Management programme so decided this would be the next step. I wanted to be fitter and healthier to be able to have my life back again. I have never really exercised before apart from an hour Pilates a week for the past 3 years (again recommended by my physio and Doctor). I decided to give Weigh Ahead a try.

We had Cara and Cheryl (at Kippax Leisure Centre) as group leaders and Carole as the exercise coach and it has been amazing for me. I have done the 8 week programme, the Moving On 12 weeks plus the weekly ‘maintenance’ exercise class ever since.

I have made new friends and we do other things together too. I have just completed the Jamie Oliver 8 week cookery class in Leeds Market and am awaiting the details for the 8 week follow on course. I didn’t know about any of these projects and have thoroughly enjoyed doing them and learning new skills. It is encouraging and rewarding to see the difference in me since early last year. I have lost 10 kilos since I started with my Doctor in 2012 and my exercise has increased to over 6 hours per week every week. I do the exercise class with Carole, 2 Zumba Gold classes with Donna, 2 Pilates classes and a yoga session plus I also swim and go to the gym when I can. I have a mix of strengthening and toning together with the circuit and Zumba which is good for the heart. I joined the gym for the 3 months for £5 and have continued after the 3 month period ran out. I have now been attending for over a year. My fitness and health has improved and I am no longer worrying about how I will be when I reach 70 in 4 years. I feel better than I have since I retired 6 years ago and would recommend (and have done) this course to anyone.



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