Club Leaders seminar at Roundhegians Rugby Club in Roundhay


Leeds City Council’s Sport and Active Lifestyle Service organised a free Club Leaders seminar for voluntary sports clubs based mainly in the East and North East area of the city.The event took place on Monday 23rd September, from 7.00 – 9.00PM, in the newly refurbished clubhouse at Roundhegians Rugby Club in Roundhay.

Club Leaders is part of the Places People Play Olympic Legacy programme and provides free support to those involved in running clubs on the key business aspects of club management. This includes business and financial planning, marketing and facilities management.

The recent ‘Marketing Strategy’ seminar for Sports Clubs had 16 people attending on the night with representation from 11 voluntary sports organisations covering the following sports:  cricket, football, rugby union, rowing, swimming and synchronised swimming, diving, cycling and softball.

It is hoped clubs will now be able to write their own marketing plans, to help achieve their ambitions and develop innovative ideas to attract new players and promote their activities.

For further information about sports club development in East and North East Leeds please contact:

Paul Senior    Club Development Officer   – 07891 270626


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