Touch Rugby summer season comes to an end

Windy, warm and dark conditions didn’t stop over 180 players taking part in the Finals Night at John Charles Centre for Sport.  Floodlights lit up the pitch to create a great atmosphere for the games and provided a great view of excellent skills!

The social league started with an enjoyable game between the Hooters 10 and Turn up & Play A 9, a very close game played the way fun Touch should be played. Next up was the Baker Tilly Tax 8 against the Turn up & Play B 4 and the game was an example of improving teams. Leeds Bar continued their late good form by winning 10 to 2 over Replacements. Copyme who at one stage were league leaders had a very close victory over the improving Professionals by 4 to 2.

The Social Championship Final was between league winners Jaxaxe and Eurvicscire Eagles. After a competitive game and both sides showing both skills and sometimes frustrations the Eagles eventually claimed the Social Championship by 5 to 1.

A presentation was made for the most improved team and this year the selection was extremely difficult as many teams developing, however the team that showed the most improvement was The Hooters.

The competitive league again didn’t disappoint and the games started with Cameron Raiders and Bootroom Tigers finishing level on 7 all. Old rivals Morley Borough 5 and Belle Isle Warriors 7 showed that even in a competitive league you can have fun. The following game involved two teams who have had mixed fortunes although they both have a strong player base. Opta Oracles 6 eventually overcame Yorkshire Tigers 5 in a fiercely contested game.

The Competitive Championship final lived up to the pre match hype as both teams have challenged for many championship trophies. The game was played in an excellent sporting manner and the skill levels were well matched. The awareness to use player replacement wisely was obvious and the tactical skills were outstanding from both teams. Peanut Slabs held a half time lead of 6 to 1 however at no time were they in a comfortable position as in previous league games they had lost games to the Angry Owls when holding  a half time lead. Angry Owls came back strong in the second half and at one stage the Peanut Slabs had to defend their line for five sets, a possible turning point? Although Angry Owls scored two more trys the final score was 6 to 3 in favour of the Peanut Slabs.

The selection of most improved team for the competitive league was difficult as the standard had greatly improved, however the outstanding team in the competition for attitude and commitment   went to the Bootroom Tigers.    Apart from the acknowledgement of being the 2013 Summer Touch JCCS Champions the winning teams from each league were presented with 10 tickets to a 2013 Rugby League World Cup game played in Leeds. The generous gift was from Leeds City Council who is coordinating the hosting of the current world champions New Zealand and Italy. At the presentations thanks were given to the match officials who week in officiated the games and to the stadium staff for ensuring excellent facilities. Overall over 250 players had been registered for the summer programme

Again, thank you for all who were involved and the overall excellent attitude by players. The programme has come a long way from the 6 weeks summer programme in 2004 involving 4 teams to the current 22 teams in summer and the 24 teams playing the pre and post-Christmas winter  indoor leagues. or visit Facebook Touch Rugby Leeds


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